Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Sourdough Starter Smells Funny

It happens.

When you keep a sourdough starter, there will be times when, for circumstances sometimes beyond your control, your starter gets a bit off colour. Mostly, this occurs when you neglect it.

Most people I know take a whiff, ditch their sourdough starter and attempt to start again (no pun intended, but there are quite a few sourdough puns...), or just give it all up as too hard and head off to the supermarket for their sourdough bread...

Starting the Starter again loses the sourdough culture altogether, including the delicate micro environment established in it. Sometimes this micro environment has been established over a period of months, sometimes years. In my case, it's decades.

If you've maintained a starter for a long while, you probably already know how to care for it. So you won't need to read this.

But for those who would like to keep a starter for years or even dacades, follow the link below to my website,

Read on if you'd like to know what to do when your starter is not well.

Until next time, Happy Sourdough Baking!